Quant is designed for any business looking for more enhanced collaboration experiences, connecting people through application sharing.

The software allows users to view and share applications, fully interact with them, and make changes to the original source file. Quant uses a peer-to-peer networking model which makes collaboration possible without the cloud.




Users are able to share application windows with one or more users in a group, including those running video walls.

The software allows simultaneous interactivity with the same application by multiple users. Any changes will be syschronised instantly, meaning updates are seen in real-time.

Typical sectors where Quant could be used include business collaboration, traffic management centres, manufacturing process control centres, utility service operations and security suites.

Quant provides an application owner full control to decide what to share, with whom to share and what permissions are given:

Instantly send application windows to one or more colleagues for group collaboration.

Allow a window on your desktop to be viewed or edited by other users in real time.

 Snap shot
Send an image of the application window to Quant colleagues.

Send a copy of an entire file on to colleagues and work groups.

Patented Technology
Quant is innovation at its core. The underpinning architecture is based on several patents, and several more pending applications.

WallControl 10 Compatible
WallControl 10 provides users with the interface required to quickly and effectively manage content that include video captures, IP streams and local applications.

Quant Wall Client is integrated with WallControl 10. Quant Wall Client adopts WallControl 10 user credentials and permissions. This allows WallControl 10 sources to be accessed through Quant and vice versa.