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SSF™-S Fiber Optic Cables

Simplex S50125MOM3L - 50/125 SSF Indoor/Outdoor, 1 fiber, OM3, LSZH, 3.0mm.

Duplex D50125MOM3L - 50/125 SSF Indoor/Outdoor, 2 fiber, OM3, LSZH, 3.0mmx2.


Micro distribution

Product data sheet 2-12 strand

Micro Distribution 4 Strand 4D50125MOM3L - 4 strand 50/125 SSF Indoor/Outdoor, 4 fiber, OM3, LSZH, 3.0mmx2.

Micro Distribution 6 Strand 6D50125MOM3L - 6 Strand 50/125 SSF Indoor/Outdoor, 6 fiber, OM3, LSZH, 3.0mm.

Micro Distribution 12 Strand 12D50125MOM3L - 12 Strand 50/125 SSF Indoor/Outdoor, 12 fiber, OM3, LSZH, 3.0mm


SC and LC connectors

Product data sheet LC & SC Connectors


SSF™ Termination Kits/ Testing Equipment/ Fiber Cleaning/ Adapters

SSF-FKIT02E The Cleerline SSF-FKIT02E Fiber Termination Kit provides the required tools to terminate fiber.

Product Data sheet SSF-FKIT02E